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About Automation Controls & Engineering, LLC

Automation Controls & Engineering, LLC specializes in the design and manufacture of world class automation and controls systems for customers in a wide range of industries.

Situated at the center of the automation landscape, ACE is located in Dexter, Michigan. We offer a simplified and sensible approach to automation with a unique mixture of Standard & Modular Automation Elements, as well as the Controls Engineering experience to bring it all together for a complete machine solution.

• Located in Dexter, MI (near Ann Arbor, MI)
• Stand-alone 20,000 sq. ft. facility
• 30+ Employees in Dexter, MI
• Full Engineering Design, Fabrication & Assembly
• ISO 9001:2008 Compliant

Automation Focus: The Next Generation in Manufacturing

In today’s rapidly changing markets, the ability respond quickly and to reuse equipment is imperative. With ACE systems, your company maximizes its capabilities by using each part for a multitude of functions. Product upgrades, or new products, don’t require new machines or components. Our Modular systems give you the ability to introduce products into existing system solutions. You can reuse assets, meeting cost restraints and minimizing environmental impact.

As new products emerge or production volumes increase, reconfiguration of a ACE system is immediate. Or, as a product becomes obsolete, your system is easily repurposed.

Flexible Systems
• Product Lead Times are shorter
• Product Life Cycle is shorter

Quick-to-Market Machines
• Ability to react to Market Response is key to Profit
• Quickly build extra capacity for current products
• Run multiple products on the same line

Standard Machines with Re-Useable Parts
• Redeploy Components for new products
• Adaptability of Components to changing Manufacturing Environment
• Lean Cells up to Fully Automated Lines

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