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In today’s rapidly changing markets, the ability to reuse equipment is increasingly relevant. With our systems, your company maximizes its capabilities by using each part for a multitude of functions. Product upgrades- even brand new products – don’t require new machines or components.

Our Modular systems give you the ability to introduce products into existing system solutions. A standard conveyor can be used in a wide range of system application and configurations. Customers can reuse assets, meeting cost restraints and minimizing environmental impact.

With a Modular system, we easily introduce new parts and processes. As products are updated, individuals modules can be reconfigured without having to redesign and re-engineer the entire system. As production volumes increases, reconfiguration of a Modular system is immediate. Conversely, as a product becomes obsolete, your system is easily repurposed. Ramp it up, take it down, and repurpose…Modular.