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About This Project

ACE has partnered with
Marca Coating Technologies to revolutionize the product decorating industry by connecting several continuous motion processes using an asynchronous pallet system.

This concept expands the possible process options of the system by allowing products to be diverted away from some process steps and recirculated through other process steps. This approach also improves yields by allowing you to monitor product quality part-for-part in real-time, not large batches after long time periods.

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Sequence of Operation:

1: (Manual) Load Parts to Pallet on a flight bar

2: (Auto.) Flame Treat Parts while rotating

3: (Auto.) Apply spray base coat material to parts while rotating

4: (Auto.) IR Cure parts while rotating

5: (Auto.) UV Cure parts while rotating

6: (Auto.) Divert parts to Metalizer if required.

7: (Auto.) Recirculate parts through Paint Booth for a second time for top coating if required.

8: (Auto.) Continue through IR & UV Curing for a second time.

9. (Manual) Unload and packout finished parts.


Station Automation:

  • Flame Treating

  • Base Coat & Top Coat Paint Dispensing

  • Vacuum Metalizing using the Sputtering Method

  • Part Presence Verification

  • IR and UV Curing

  • ACE Systems used:

  • Pallet Transfer System

  • Logic Control & SCADA System

  • Product: Various Consumer & Cosmetic Products

    Estimated Output: Based on Part Size: 2000 - 6000 PPH

    Cycle Time: 7.0 sec./pallet

    Efficiency: 85%

    Control System: Panasonic PLC

    Pallet Transfer System: LANCO HLF2002-S