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About This Project

ACE has experience in the food handling industry. These projects include robotic handling of food for packaging. Typical ACE products involved are Conveyors.

Please Contact ACE for more information about our experience in providing Automation solutions for various manufacturing processes.

Sequence of Operation:

1. Convey empty boxes into position

2. Convey and group dinner rolls into position

3. Robotic pick and place with vacuum into boxes, 2 robots, 2 boxes per robot (actual robot cyle time 4 sec)


Station Automation:

  • Robotic Dinner Roll Pick & Place

  • Automatic Carton Feeding

  • Part Presence Verification

  • Vision System Integration

  • ACE Systems used:

  • Custom Plastic Chain Conveyor

  • Logic Control & SCADA System

  • Robotic Integration

  • Product: Dinner Rolls from Baking Oven

    Estimated Output: 6000 PPH

    Cycle Time: 4.0 sec. per 12 rolls

    Efficiency: 85%

    Control System: Allen Bradley

    Transfer System: Food Grade Plastic Chain