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About This Project

ACE Skewer Automation is a load/unload part transfer system designed specifically for machining of gears and shafts. The system is a semi-automated process that is an alternative to fully automated, wire basket and tray feed systems and is ideal for accumulation of multiple gear variants with minimal operator tending.

Parts can be loaded 1-up, 3-up or 5-up to each gear, green or hard side machining process using either a gantry or six-axis robotic system, as well as be redeployed for your next gear set application!

Load/Unload to typical machine tools on both green and hard sides:

  • Hob
  • Teeth Hone
  • Vertical Hone
  • Horizontal Hone
  • Double Disk Grind
  • Hard Turn
  • Face Grind
  • Teeth Grind
  • Shave
  • Shape
  • Broach
  • Mill
  • Drill
  • Centerless Grind

  • Increase part accumulation into your gear machining operation with little operator involvement and at a lower price point than fully automated wire basket and tray automation. Perfect for global manufacturing facilities!

  • Easily remove gears with Skewers from highest density trays of gears bore horizontal

  • Feed and load/unload up to 50+ gear part variants with NO MECHANICAL CHANGEOVER

  • Cycle Times between 14 – 30 sec/ cycle

  • Fast Concept Engineering & Service support for you and your customers

  • Easy to use, quickly delivered & fully assembled modules

  • Reduce your project timeline & cost with pre-engineered components

  • Modular elements can be added or redeployed as your product life cycle changes

  • Various part loader configurations available, such as Non-Gantry (use machine tool loader), Gantry and Six-Axis Robot
  • Specs

    Pallet & Skewer Specifications

  • Easily Remove Parts with Skewers from Trays of Gears Bore Horizontal
    (maximum density)

  • Skewers are Robust, but Low Weight for Ergonomics

  • (5) Skewers of Parts Buffer per Pallet

  • Pallet Conveyor Feed System
  • Servo Lifts for Parts Presentation from Skewer to Loader

  • Profile Gates to Verify Empty Pallets between Load/Unload

  • Various Modular, Layout Configurations
    Over / Under

    Part Types
  • Pinion and Sun Gears

  • Stepped Pinion Gears

  • Ring and Beveled Gears

  • Shafts

  • Part Loaders
  • Non-Gantry (use customer supplied machine tool loader)

  • Gantry

  • Six-Axis Robot

  • Loader End-of-Arm-Tools
    1-up, 3-up or 5-up
    Servo or Pneumatic Grippers w/LVDT
    Part OD Verification

    Controls System
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC & HMI

  • Data Collection (Option)

  • Cell Options
  • SPC or Audit Parts
    Slide Drawer(s)
    Gravity Chutes

  • Part Cleaning
    Wash & Spin-off
    Spin-off Only
    Rust Preventative (Option)

  • Shared Zone Guarding
    Guarding, Door & Interlock
    For Shared Zone Part Handoff to Machine Tool

  • Additional Part Inspections
    Vision for Top/Bottom Orientation Verification
    Part Thickness