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About This Project

ACE has a niche in gear and shaft material handling, having designed and built automation systems for part load/unload around the world.

The patented ACE Tray Automation material handling system will load/unload gears direct from trays, then have gears washed, roll checked for run-out and laser marked for trace-ability - all inside the automation cell!

Load/Unload to typical machine tools on both green and hard sides:

  • Hob
  • Teeth Hone
  • Vertical Hone
  • Horizontal Hone
  • Double Disk Grind
  • Hard Turn
  • Face Grind
  • Teeth Grind
  • Shave
  • Shape
  • Broach
  • Mill
  • Drill
  • Centerless Grind

  • Increase part accumulation into your gear machining operation with no operator involvement!

  • Gears can be in trays bore horizontal (highest density) or bore vertical (lower density)

  • Use injection molded trays or wire baskets for high volume parts or machined trays for lower volume parts

  • Bring an existing tray design and/or trays, or have ACE be your one-stop-shop to design and provide the tray and molds or machined trays

  • Feed and load/unload up to 50+ gear part variants with NO MECHANICAL CHANGEOVER

  • Cycle Times between 12 – 40 sec/ cycle

  • Fast Concept Engineering & Service support for you and your customers

  • Easy to use, quickly delivered & fully assembled modules

  • Reduce your project timeline & cost with pre-engineered components

  • Modular elements can be added or redeployed as your product life cycle changes

  • Various layout configurations available, such as Straight, U-Shape, L-Shape and Over / Under
  • Specs

    Tray Specifications

  • Parts in Tray Bore Horizontal (maximum density) or Bore Vertical

  • Wire Basket, Injection Molded, Thermoformed, Machined Trays

  • Various Size and Weight Capabilities

  • Tray Feed System
  • Modular Configurations
    Gravity or Powered Conveyor Over/Under
    Gravity or Powered Conveyor Side-by-Side
    Stacker/Destacker or Docking Cart
    Slide Drawers

  • Various Layout Configurations
    Straight, U-Shape or L-Shape
    Over / Under
    Infeed or Thru Feed

    Part Types
  • Pinion and Sun Gears

  • Stepped Pinion Gears

  • Ring and Beveled Gears

  • Shafts

  • Robot
  • Robot Brands
    Fanuc, ABB or Kawasaki

  • Robot End-of-Arm-Tools
    1-up, 3-up or 5-up
    Servo or Pneumatic Grippers w/LVDT
    Part OD Verification

    Controls System
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC & HMI

  • Data Collection and/or Trace-ability (Option)

  • Cell Options
  • SPC or Audit Parts
    Slide Drawer(s)
    Gravity Chutes

  • Part Cleaning
    Wash & Spin-off
    Spin-off Only
    Rust Preventative (Option)

  • Roll Check
    Patented 1-Slide for standard Gears
    Patented 3-Slides for Stepped Pinion Gears
    Master Gear and Calibration Routine

  • Laser Mark
    2D Data Matrix and/or Human Readable Code
    Mark Verification Reader
    Shuttle Unit for Reduced Cycle Time

  • Moveable Cell Rails
    Maintenance Access to Machine Tool
    Manual Load/Unload

  • Additional Part Inspections
    Vision for Top/Bottom Orientation Verification
    Part Thickness