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About This Project

This Standard Tray Handler is a modular device to vertically queue parts in tray format entering or exiting automation. The system is an alternative to bowl feeding and is ideal for tray accumulation to reduce operator tending. Parts handled by this method range from metal stock or machining blanks to delicate plastic parts and other high-production components.

Sequence of Operation:

1: (Manual) Operator loads a stack of Trays to be processed at the Infeed Buffer Conveyor. Additional zones of track can be added for greater capacity.

2: (Auto.) Infeed Tray Stack is brought into Tray Destacker

3: (Auto.) The Destacker singulates the bottom tray to Infeed Conveyor, releasing it to the Tray Robotic Load / Unload Station

4: (Auto,) The Tray is positioned and a leveling plate raises to stabilize the tray bottom. The Tray is then loaded or unloaded by a robot.

5: (Auto.) The empty (or full) Tray is laterally transferred by a pop-up conveyor to the Outfeed Conveyor

6: (Auto.) The Tray is upstacked at the Upstacker. When the full stack height is reached, the stack is released to continue to the Outfeed Buffer.

7: (Manual) The operator removes the completed stack of Trays.


Station Automation:

  • Robotic Load / Unload of Trays

  • Tray Orientation Verification

  • Part Presence Verification

  • ACE Systems used:

  • Trayhandling System

  • Logic Control System

  • Robotic Integration

  • Product: Automotive Outside Door Handle

    Estimated Output: 210 PPH

    Cycle Time: 17.0

    Efficiency: 85%

    Control System: GE 90/30

    Pallet Transfer System: LANCO HLF2002-S