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Material Handling Automation

In today's automation environment, quickly bringing a new product to market is the key to success. The ACE "a la carte" automation approach uses standard components arranged in the most appropriate, cost effective configuration for your needs to achieve success.

Material handling automation is used to transfer parts from one location or process to another location or process. This can include loading and unloading of process machines, as well as transfer of parts and/or buffering of parts between processes.

• Parts feed systems - trays, skewers, wire baskets, pallets, conveyors, etc.
• Parts storage and buffer systems
• Load and unload systems - robotics or linear gantry
• Secondary operations, including testing, gaging, assembly, part cleaning and part marking

Conveyor Systems

Choosing the right conveyor system is an integral part of your automation solution. The conveyor can feed parts into a process or exit parts from a process, as well as create parts storage, create a buffer of parts or transfer parts through assembly or other parts process operations.

• Pallet Conveyors
• Puck Conveyors
• Tray Handlers - trays (thermoformed and injection molded) and wire baskets
• Belt Conveyors
• Chain, Low Back Pressure and Mat-Top Conveyors
• Mass Flow Table Conveyors
• Powered Zone Roller (PZR) Conveyors
• Overhead Conveyors

Inspection & Trace-ability Systems

ACE utilizes its expertise in automation to also provide inspection and trace-ability systems.

• Inspection systems
• Visions systems
• Gage systems
• Trace-ability
• Data Collection

Assembly & Test Systems

ACE will work with your team to understand your product and create the best and the simplest technical solution for the job. From product assembly through product testing, ACE has the experience to make your project a success.

• New or retrofit
• Single station or multi-station dial, conveyor and robotic systems
• Manual, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic machines

Industrial Control Systems

As part of the complete automation solution, ACE offers System Controls design and build capabilities in the following areas:

• Hardware Design
• Software Design
• Panel Build
• PLC & PC Controls
• Programming
• Vision & Robotic Programming
• Debug – In-house & In the Field